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Private Consultation

Private Consultation


Every good agricultural production system starts with a whole farm plan. Every good farm and food business starts with a business plan. We can help you write both. Whether you are working to put out just one new crop or buying property for the first time needing a whole sustainable farming system farm plan we can assist.

  • Consultation and Pricing Details

    Che Axum and the rest of the team at Earth and Food Systems, Intl bring years of agricultural, biological, and engineering experience to help design leading-edge sustainable farming systems. Our passions include agri-tourism, alternative building, alternative energy, anaerobic digestion, certified organic production, commercial kitchens, composting, diversified, educational farms, family farms, food hubs, grant writing, green building, local food, photovoltaics, produce crops, renewable energy, small farms, small scale, solar energy, solar water heater, specialty crops, sustainable farming, urban agroecology and value-added processing.


    Consulting Rates

    New Crop Plans: $80-100/hour

    Strategic Planning: $80/hour

    Alternative/Renewable Energy Design/Professional Engineering Services: Pricing is job dependent.

    Speaking Engagements: $100/hour with hotel/travel accommodations 

    Grant Writing Technical assistance: $80/hour

    Custom Farming: $300/hr Base -- (3hr Min, Volume negotiation avalable) -- can include Discing, Plowing, Planting, Harvesting, Land Development, Laying Plastic, Cultivate/Work Ground, Train TIle, Terraces, and more.


  • Project Assessment Questionnaire

    This project assessment helps Earth and Food Systems intl, Inc. determine how we can best help you meet your goals. Completing this evaluation process will help us get familiar with your project needs.

    The following questions should be completed before moving forward.


    1. What is this project about?


    2. Why is this project essential to you?


    3. Who / what will it impact? (list people impacted; change or improvement that will result)


    4. If possible, please describe how the impact will be measured (number or measurements)


    5. Who will this be completed by? (project team with credentials)

    6. Do you have a site or place of implementation for the project?  If so, do you have documentation of ownership or lease agreement?

    7. Have you done any background work or research required to begin the project?  If so, document the status on the next page, and attach any documents if needed. 


    (If some of this information is still known,  we can help with strategic planning).



  • Additional Services

    • New Crop Planning

    • Crop Production Infrastructure Design

    • Market Studies

    • Business Plans

    • Farm Plans

    • Energy Plans

    • Engineering and Design

    • Funding and Resource Analysis

    • Strategic Planning

    • Nutritional Counseling (

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